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Meet our October Partner of the Month, Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary!

Recent data from Petfinder shows senior dogs and cats spend almost four times as long on the site than younger animals. Of the shelters they surveyed, 28% said seniors were the hardest animals to adopt out. Enter, Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary. They concentrate their efforts on senior dogs (7+ years old) and senior cats (10+ years old). Since 2014, the Sanctuary has rescued more than 160 seniors.

Many of the dogs the FLPS rescues have been abandoned or neglected, and come to the Sanctuary initially in mediocre to poor health. Through your compassion and thoughtful donations, Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is able to provide medical, dental, and other care that gets these wonderful pets back on their feet and ready to be adopted into their forever homes.

Most of the dogs in the Sanctuary’s care, at one time or another, were somebody’s pet. They lived in a house with someone. They slept on a bog bed. They may have even snoozed on a sofa or chair. FLPS asked, why should their time in a “shelter environment” be any different? They wanted the Sanctuary to have a cozy, home-like atmosphere for their senior dogs. With this in mind, they furnished each of their six kennel suites with a sofa or chair (or both!) in addition to dog beds, non-slip or area rugs, raised bowl stands, and soft lighting provided by wall sconces or pendent lights. All of the furnishings, donated by members of the community, are then covered in protective sheets to keep them looking the best they can for as long as they can. The kennels provide a comfy environment for volunteers, too!

Those who adopt older animals know it can be extra rewarding to give a second, third, or maybe even a fourth chance to a senior who may have been overlooked, forgotten, or abandoned. With the right perspective, senior pet ownership can be (and is!) awesome. Seniors often come trained and with personalities intact, so you know exactly who you’re getting. Older animals also tend to be calmer and require less mental and physical stimulation. Seniors care can even be cheaper than care for puppies or kittens since their age-related care is focused more on keeping them comfortable, rather than taking extraordinary measures. Lastly, there’s always the satisfaction in knowing you’re giving a senior a safe place to retire.

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is gearing up for their annual fundraising event, Canines and Cocktails. Their biggest event of the year is on November 10 at the Pacific Air Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Contribute to the care of their seniors by purchasing a ticket, becoming a sponsor, or donating an item for auction.

Check out pictures of Forever Loved Pets Sanctuary seniors above, and be sure to watch a video of former resident Chrissy below!

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