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Area served: State of Arizona

Meet our partner, Rescue X of Arizona! Rescue X takes dogs of all breeds and ages and boasts a foster network of 75 families throughout the state! Founder and President, Molly, tells us it all started when she started volunteering as a transporter in her spare time. After logging 27 trips driving dogs from one end of the state to another, she had an idea. What if one rescue could operate statewide and cut down on the need for transport?

Molly focuses on recruiting exceptional foster families who can operate almost autonomously in their area. They not only know the needs of their dogs, but also the needs of the communities they operate in. In addition to rescue and adoption, Molly prioritizes education as one of her greatest tools to get dogs off the streets. Did you know she currently has 8 elementary and 24 high school aged education ambassadors? They run programs in their communities teaching the importance of everything from spay and neuter to preventing breed discrimination.

Rescue X of Arizona is gearing up for their annual statewide walkathon. All 15 counties in Arizona will be participating in day-long events raising money and awareness for for Rescue X. All proceeds from the events will go toward funding their statewide spay and neuter clinics. Come out for the food, fun, and doggie costume contest!

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