Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (PACC911)

PACC911 brings together many animal welfare organizations by uniting them and offering opportunities to work together for the greater benefit of the animals.
Area Served: Maricopa County and Arizona


PACC911’s animal welfare community is unified by a simple common denominator: we love animals and realize we can do more for them together than apart.

PACC911 aids their partners by lifting their burden with some of the challenging behind-the-scenes work that comes with animal rescue so they can do what they do best: save and re-home displaced pets in need. PACC911 provides four key resources: large outdoor adoption events, ongoing fundraising, educational outreach, and ever vital medical assistance to soften the high cost veterinary care that our four footed friends require. These expenses can be prohibitive as the majority of homeless pets in need require significant treatment before becoming adoptable.

They’ve also brought under their umbrella of services the Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry, a food bank helping low income families to keep their pets in the home by providing much needed pet food.