Barnaby the Big Lap Dog

As told by Elizabeth

Two Pups Wellness Fund

Barnaby was found as a stray in a canal by a Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary volunteer. They looked for his owner for over a week, but he was ultimately taken in by the Sanctuary to find a new home. Barnaby was already socialized with people and kids and knew some commands. It was likely he was someone’s pet before.

As you can see by his photos, Barnaby’s a looker, and he knows it. At 8-9 years old and weighing 50 pounds, this Labrador and Border Collie mix insists on being treated like a lap dog. Barnaby loves car rides, and his easygoing nature makes him the perfect road trip buddy. He sits perfectly in the backseat, but you better move fast or he’ll try to take the wheel! Barnaby also enjoys his walks. He can be a bit of a puller at first because he’s so excited to take in the smells, but he eases into a nice pace. Barnaby was adopted by a wonderful family in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Make sure to scroll through pictures of Barnaby above, and check out a video of him below!

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