Bogart the Crooked Doberman

As told by Elizabeth

Two Pups Wellness Fund

PACC911 partner Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue was notified that a big, red, male Doberman with a partial facial paralysis and a hip injury was due to be euthanized unless a rescue group stepped up to claim him. His sweet demeanor and friendly attention-seeking demonstrated that this Dober-gent was very deserving of another chance.

Bogart’s head tilt and the puncture in his thigh indicated the possibility that he’d been hit by a car. After blood work, biopsies, x-rays, and exams to determine what exactly was wrong with him, results showed that his skull malformation was likely caused by a significant head trauma in his past that didn’t heal correctly. Fortunately, his slightly odd facial appearance doesn’t cause him any pain. Chiropractic treatments improved Bogart’s skeletal issues.

Bogart’s foster parents said that he was a pleasure from the beginning. He was respectful of his canine housemates, quickly mastered the doggy door, and had no bad habits. Bogart is simply a sweet, fun-loving guy. In fact, now that he’s discovered he can clear the 4 foot fence to the goat pen, he enjoys joining them for some playtime on their jungle gym!

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