Pitbull Transforms from Aggressive to Tricks Master


Rescue X of Arizona

As told by Molly

Rodney came to us as an owner surrender. Unfortunately, he had been surrendered twice before his second birthday. His first owner sadly passed shortly after buying Rodney from a friend. His second owner surrendered him to us because he was too aggressive. I hate the label aggressive, especially on a squat, gray, pitbull like Rodney.

I noticed a few things immediately during his intake. His paw pads were pristine, it probably meant he was kept indoors. He was confused by our attempts to put him in a collar and was terrible on a leash, other indicators he was probably kept indoors. Rodney was also unfamiliar with toys or basic commands. Could “taming” his “aggression” be as simple as some training and exercise?

Let me tell you something about Rodney, he loves attention. Have something nice to say in a pleasant tone? You’re going to get a slobbery kiss. Have something nice to say in a pleasant tone with treat in hand? You’re going to get the most obedient and focused dog you’ve ever seen. He was an absolute dream to train. In just 3 short weeks in foster with me he had learned 18 tricks, including how to walk on a leash. As I suspected, his “aggression” was just misdirected energy and drive.

Rodney was adopted by a wonderful young couple with a passion for pitties. They recently told us Rodney is now up to 51 tricks, including the moonwalk!

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