Amy Grace the Beautiful Bichon

As told by Elizabeth

Two Pups Wellness Fund

Amy Grace was ill within a month of her adoption. Her owner reached out for help and Two Pups Wellness Fund stepped in and got her the medical attention she needed. Amy Grace was put on antibiotics for ticks and infections. After two weeks of therapy, she started to show significant improvement. She had a biopsy of her abdominal lumps, which were found to be caused by uncommonly sharp internal sutures from her spay. Amy Grace was also found to have a loose ACL ligament that caused her to limp, but her leg was stable and did not cause her pain.

Amy Grace’s follow up lab work came back negative for infection, anemia, bleed, liver, and tick disease. She’s a happy, healthy pup now and so attached to her owner. Amy Grace’s owner likes to tell people Amy Grace is her first rescue and that, “she has rescued me, too!”

Make sure to check out Amy Grace’s pictures above!

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