Jack the Neglected Pittie

As told by Elizabeth

Two Pups Wellness Fund

In his short life, Jack hadn’t experienced much love or care. His exposed ribs, mangy coat, and sinewy frame testified to his neglect and starvation, but it was his sad expression that spoke volumes. A call went out to PACC911’s partner groups and was answered by Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue.

Jack was labeled as aggressive, and he was stressed and afraid to eat at the shelter. Once with his foster mom, all that changed. He ate everything that was offered to him, putting on 15 pounds in just a few weeks. Two rounds of medication healed his mange, and his blood work showed he was in great health.

His foster mom also got to see Jack’s playful side. His favorite activities include speeding through the backyard, playing with his ball, and practicing his commands. In just a few weeks post rescue, Jack mastered heel, sit, stay, and leave it. He’s transformed from a frightened, bony boy to a healthy and happy pup. Jack is now in his forever home and loving his life!

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